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Construction Processes

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We build the more singular and complex Steel Structures with the most advanced means

URSSA builds all kind of steel structures, from the most elementary to the most complex which stand out due to their dimensions, special qualities, singularity, complexity or emplacement. This requires advanced means and resources to develop all processes: engineering (design, static and connections calculation, workshop drawings), manufacturing, painting, international logistic and on site erection.



Programmes for calculations-design, Scheduling and ERP

  • ROBOT and POWER FRAME programmes for Steel Structure basic Design
  • POWER CONNECT and COP programmes for connection Calculation
  • TEKLA (X-Steel) design
  • AUTOCAD, 3D and 2D design

CONCERTO. Software specifically designed for a multi-projects organisation management.

ERP. Project and Production Management Program.


Steel structures are manufactured in both of our Production Plants. As far as possible, and in accordance with the maximum dimensions permitted for road transport, we seek to ship structures in prefabricated subassemblies not only to optimise their design but also to respond better to the needs of our clients.
Manufacturing comprises:

  • Plate Line (Great Structure)
  • Heavy Rolled Sections Line (Middle Structure)
  • Light Rolled Sections Line (Light Structure)

Our Machinery and Production Lines are organised in accordance with principles based on the management of multi-project environments and “5S”, among others, and orientated to the optimization and Service of our large Assembly and Welding Lines.

Surface Treatment

Once the manufacturing processes have been completed, the steel structures are taken to our Shot Blasting and Painting Facilities at the company’s second Plant (Júndiz Industrial Estate, Vitoria-Gasteiz) in order to receive the corresponding surface treatment.This plant is equipped with continuous indoor shot blasting and painting installations and is also used as a warehouse for finished elements.The characteristics and capacity of these installations allow us to paint large-size parts in accordance with the most demanding specifications.


The steel structures manufactured by URSSA are assembled by our own Erection Teams, which form part of our Project Teams. They are provided with all of the human, material and technological means required for each specific project.
URSSA carries out all its erections, and leads, controls and supervises all processes.